Hi, I’m Darkmoon. I’m new to this Blogging thing. I think I like it though. I think this will be a good place for me to vent and write and think and be. It seems to be that way for a lot of people here. I like this idea.

Today I read my friend Walli’s web page. I say read because she has a lot of writing on her page. All of it is great stuff. All of it gets me inspired to write as well, which is good since I haven’t been inspired much at all lately.( I guess my main reason for being uninspired is the fact that Amber told me Martin phoned again. Stupid ^&*%ing chapter of my life, but then we all make mistakes, right?) That’s a bad thing considering I’m a writing student. I do manage to write things, but there is no passion in it unless I have that little *something. Some people would call it inspiration. I think that’s too broad a term. Sometimes it’s like a lightening strike and sometimes it sneaks up on you while you’re really working hard on something.

Anyway, I have another friend who is crazy to see my blog, so I had better get me butt in gear and post something so that she can read it and be happy. I like it when my friends are happy. I also like it when my significant other is happy too. John seems to be better now that he’s home. He had to work with his least favourite person today. He made cake though, so it probably wasn’t that bad. I like cake.

I’m going to write some more on my story tomorrow about chick’s kicking ass, because there are no chicks kicking ass in the Fellowship of the Ring, which I am currently reading. Good book, but no warrioresses. poop. I like warrioresses. Too many s’s though, makes it sound like a pansy-ass word. Hrm. bears some thinking about.

Well it’s late and I’m getting ratted on over ICQ about not posting yet. And being bombarded by two gushing females – Ah love is in the air. I love it. I am going to go and have another piece of cake and then to bed for sweet dreams!
Night all!