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Well, I am going to go to sleep now. I think I’ve had a long enough day. Haha. It’s only ten thirty and I’m thinking about sleep. This is no longer new for me. I have no idea how I used to stay up until 3 every night.. It must be a first year thing. Anyway, I only have 500 or so words left for my essay, which I can do once I’ve found my brain where ever it is. It’s probably hiding under the bed with all the dust bunnies and lost pennies. Oh yeah, and the sole black sock I’ve been looking for for ever, and those catnip toys we bought for the kitten and she hid. I think she has a stash, that one. I’m missing too many things for her not to have one. Some kitties are pack rats and I have no doubt that Cinder could be one of those. Hey, she watches tv. I’ve never seen a cat watch TV. She sits on the arm of the hide-a-bed we have and she watches whatever it is that we have on. Even Super Mario. I think she likes being part of the family. Hehe, she’s draped over the edge of the bed right now. I bet that as soon as John and I crawl into bed she’ll be all energized and want to play again. John doesn’t believe me when I tell him that she gets mad when he leaves in the morning. He really is her favourite, I think it’s so cute, she whines at me for a good twenty minutes before she goes back to attacking my feet or whatever moves under the covers. Well, I’m amused anyway.

Well, this is it, I promise. Good night!