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So here I am sitting in front of this computer and bashing my brain and trying to think of that poem I had running around in my head last night before I fell asleep. I should have just turned on the light and wrote it down, but no, I did it again: “I’ll remember it in the morning.” Yeah, right, and I really am a grasshopper. It’s still in my head, I know it is, but it’s like that word you can’t remember and it’s on the very tip of your tongue. *sigh*

And now I have to go to work. This is seriously going to suck. We’re starting Christmas hours at the mall, which means I’ll have less time than ever to work on my finals. I suppose I’m doing ok though, I really only have three major things left to work on. Oh well, I have no choice really, I need the $ that the job gives me, especially since Christmas is coming.

Christmas, well there’s something to rant about. Isn’t it amazing how material we’ve all become? Think about it, we think Christmas, and the immediate thought after that is presents. We all love getting, and most of us love giving, but I think the holiday spirit is never illustrated the way it should be, especially when you’re a clerk in a busy mall and all those shoppers get mad at you for not having what they want, or for not having it on sale. So kick me already. All I want is a little respect. People come into my store and I say hello to them. I have to say hello to them, even if they do look cranky or in a hurry. I’m exactly like the next person, I hate being ignored! If you don’t want or need my help just say so, nicely please! I have to ask, that’s my JOB! All I ask this holiday season, is that when you go into a store on your shopping trips and someone says hello to you, at least say hello back! Never hurts to build up some good karma, you know?

Anyway, I’m done ranting for now, but I bet there will be more. Christmas is coming. My god, the malls were decorated last week for $#%^’s sake! Commercialism is sick. Sick, sick, sick. On that note, I’m off to work. Love to you all! ^_^