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It’s night now. This darkness shit sneaks up on me. One minute it’s lunch time, the next it’s dark and I wonder where the day went. John and I are going out tonight. It’s time I think that we did this. We’ve both been so busy that we’ve just sort of crashed after work and that’s about it. I finished my essay – well, I’ve abandoned it actually. I can’t add 300 words without screwing the whole thing up. Meh, my writing’s not up to par these days anyway, but I really think I can’t do anything to it to make it better. So we might go to a movie or we might go dancing. I’m sick though, so a movie might be a better idea. Cheaper in the long run too. I’m such a goody-goody sometimes. Drat it!

Sometimes it’s easy to hate yourself, you know? I mean with all of the crap that comes your way in life you tend to blame it all on yourself. I keep thinking about some of the things that have happened to me in my life and I start to ask myself what the hell I did to deserve it, or what kind of person am I to earn it. Everyone who knows me will know what I’m talking about. The rest of you, I might fill you in later if I feel brave.

I was thinking about drugs earlier today, and what they do to people. It’s amazing what people will do when they have a habit that they need to feed. Damn room mates… more later, maybe…

Anyway, I’m off to the movies or something nice with John soon, so I’ll have to stop sneezing and lamenting about the bad things in life.