I have been playing with my html code today, but I haven’t visibly got anywhere yet. Oh well, it’s all good. I got to talk to Lady Sarah Buttercup today. Makes me happy to know that she’s doing well. I think she has too much time to spend in the sex shops though. I think I hear too much about her life in the bedroom with Ted. Meth.

I’ve decided that when December fifth has passed, I will be ready for a serious night out at the club. Fuck work. I’m sick to death of the politics in a place like that. All the buttons people press to get a reaction out of me. I hate it when my co workers call me at home to bitch about something I may or may not have done, or something someone said about me. Patricia got mad and called me at home yesterday morning because I left a note asking if she’d taken one of my sales. She had, but she got all huffy so I told her to forget about it. Last thing I want is a nasty work atmosphere. If Catherine quits though, I’m outta there.

Sigh, I like life simple, you know? And it isn’t being simple this month. Oh well, the “holidays” are coming. Only work to worry about then for a month and a bit. and what to do for new years eve. *Smiles*

Night night