So here I am sitting at this computer and thinking about how I am going to rewrite my poems for my final portfolio. I’m having difficulty with it. Especially with the first one, as I like it the way it is. Thing is, in the workshop, not many understood the whole thing the way I wanted it to come off. I think the others will be a bit easier. I’m not as emotionally attached to them as the first one. (hey, maybe I should go back to the original original. I took out a whole bunch before I submitted it. Hrm…)

Sigh. I don’t want to go to class again. It drags. And I have to go to work tomorrow. Pleh. At least I get to visit with Amber tomorrow too. I get to have lunch with Walli on Wednesday, and I get to walk on the beach tonight after class. Good things. I like the beach. I hope soon that I get to see Nomes too. I miss Nomes. At least she’s on ICQ and she has a blog. I can sort of keep tabs on her that way. Make sure she’s still hanging in there.

Troy has gone out again. Who knows when he’ll be back. He’s broke. I don’t get it, you know? I’m the last person to say she knows anything about addiction. It takes people over and makes them do things they may not otherwise do. It kills them. M’s problem was an addiction. Is an addiction. I’m not sure that kind of addiction can ever be cured. He’s ruined his life over it already. And he’s only 21. In three days he’s 21. All I have left for him now is pity. (And some anger, still. That will be a long time in leaving.)

Anyway, I better get back to the work at hand. I mustn’t fall behind.