Well, here I am. I’m at home now. Poor John’s all sore and not looking happy. He’s on the bed right now with a book (Harry Potter) and a Japanese orange. The cat is curled up next to him too. he wants to rent a movie tonight, but I think he looks like he’s happy where he is. I’m happy where he is really. I don’t even think he should go to work because he’s pulled a muscle in his back. I’m going to get out the A535 later and we’ll see if that doesn’t help some.

Well, work is sucking majorly these days. It seems that Catherine is taking Patricia’s side. Michelle and I aren’t making thing up the way Patricia says we are though and it’s ticking me off. Patricia’s like a vulture. She just stands around and waits for people to come into the store and then she tends to follow them around and pretends to tidy up until they look even remotely interested and then she pounces. Then she has the gall to complain about Michelle just folding things all day. it’s not like she leaves anything for Michelle. Or anyone else for that matter. Catherine just never notices I guess because she’s just doing silly manager-type things all day. You’d think that the assistant manager would be able to deal with her problems herself, but noooo, she has to run to Catherine with it. rrr. I really don’t need this, especially with the christmas cranky-pants crowd. *Sigh*

Our cat is a klutz.

I think I’m going to go now, we’re actually watching Smallville. It’s pretty good. So good I’m being distracted from what Im supposed to be doing, which is in fact not blogging either, but homework. Silly me. G’night!