Well, our room is clean again. There’s a bit more space with the rearrangements I made. Bonus: I can now type without wonking my wrists sideways. Man, I need a real computer desk. Mind you I can’t cross my legs under one of those. Oh well, at least I won’t be purposely developing carpal tunnel syndrome.

It seems that some money went missing from a job that Troy was on the other day, the same day our laundry money went missing. Seems his story about a girl is getting more and more holes in it. It’s just a shame. I don’t like pitying people, but that seems to be all he invokes from me. He’s so fucked up and he can’t even really see it. Oh well. It will take his kid to say “Dad, you’re a loser.” It’ll make him or break him. I hope it makes him.

Nomes seems to be in better spirits than in previous days. I just hope that it keeps up. I don’t like it when she’s in the dumps, she deserves better.

Anyway, you know how I said that I couldn’t write about Reed or M yet? Well, I was looking at the writing I did about previous episodes of my life. I think I’d like to include them. I’m not sure I’m going to create another blog for those or if I’ll just include them here. Some of it’s poetry and some is fiction. I’m a third year writing major at University, so hopefully my efforts have not been in vain. Please, if I do include them here, let me know what you think by signing my guestbook.