So, “Jay” has been staying. I decided last night that if he was here when I was getting ready for work, I’d tell him he couldn’t be here without anyone else. Hell, I didn’t invite him. So he’s getting ready to leave. I don’t trust anyone in this house without J or I. Not after that fifteen went missing. Sure, it’s just 15, but christ, this isn’t something that we should have to deal with, but I suppose that it’s ‘just one of those things’.

So I was having a conversation with Sean about bad relationships and how they need to be written about, and we decided that we should put together an anthology of writing about such relationships as a sort of therapeutic way of getting it out of the system and into the public eye. What do you all think? Was this the reason I was supposed to go through this shit with M? It’s happened to others, but no one ever hears or talks about those people, it’s taboo. it’s an interesting proposition.