How can you tell someone that they are really cool and brave when you know that they won’t believe you? When you know that giving them a compliment will hurt them because they think you’re lying to them? How can you boost someone’s self-worth enough to accept the fact that you think they’re the cat’s pajamas? I know she’s not feeling good about herself for so many reasons, and it hurts me because I know how awful that feels and I don’t want her to hurt like that. Gnome, you got to know that we love you for a reason, because you are who you are and all we want is for you to feel good about yourself, not worry about what we think of you or your accomplishments. No matter what you may think, we are proud of you. For so many things, and one of them is for flushing those t3’s instead of eating them all. that is brave. You can’t keep comparing yourself to your mom, no matter how cool she is, because you are not her. You are Gnome, and cool in a different way, a Gnome way. You really are great Gnome, and don’t you dare call me a liar for saying it, because I believe it’s true.