Yeah. I hate hormones. Anyway, John ended up getting home at about 6am, which is about when I thought he’d stumble in. He read my blog and we talked and now I feel better. Now I get to have a little more info when he does go out with his friends. This being the first time he’s really gone out with his buddies since we’ve been together, neither of us really knew what it was we needed from the other. Now we do. Next time it’s going to be both of us going out. I am so glad I’m over my half-brained moment and now I’m just tired from waking up every half hour when Troy came or went or one of the animals made a sound. Hell, I don’t even feel fat today, I mean I can fit into my New Years dress still and look fine!

It’s really really windy tonight. If it weren’t so freaking cold I’d want to be out in it like I did when I lived at Maple Bay still. I miss my beach. There’s one here, but it isn’t quite the same as home, you know? John and I have walked out to that beach a couple of times now, just to see the waves in the moonlight. Drat it, I have to work tomorrow too, and it’s a late shift. I suppose this semester is going to be a bit of a bust since my grades aren’t wonderful, but next semester ought to be better. The spring one always is, I’m into the groove again you see. This is another reason I think I’m going to tutor esl students during the summer, just to keep myself in the academic curve.

Anyway, I’m going to go to sleep now so I can catch up on some sleep. First, though I have to catch the rat in his new toy. We got one of those ferret balls for him to play in, and the cat wants to chase him in it, but he gets the upper hand almost every time. It’s silly. Here he comes into the bedroom. Night all.