So I had a freak out in the food court at the mall today. I went with my little tray to the centre of the court to sit down with my Mcdonalds and when I sit down I see this guy. Ok, no big deal right, but I had to do a double take because he was a spitting image of M. Everything except the colour of his hair was almost identical, even down to the way his forehead crinkled. He was with his significant other and their daughter, who could not have been more than two. I wanted to jump out of my skin and run away. I stared at him practically until they left. Scary shit. It made me think about what the hell is going to happen when he does get out. pleh. Not like that at all.

Anyhoo, Am is here tonight. She doesn’t have to work tomorrow, lucky bunny, so she’s staying the night here. We’re hatching plans for New Years (This is since I’ve discovered I can still fit into my New Years Dress)