Well, the Christmas season is upon us and gone and now we have to suffer through Boxing Week. I want to know when it became a week of sales for beep sakes!! I had some pretty cranky people in the store today and I wanted to smack people more than once! Anyway John and I are going to go visit Am and Mark after dinner to have some Christmas cheer and catch up a bit. I think Walli will be back fairly soon so that I can give her her prezzie and then all I’ll have to worry about is how to get Nomes’ present to her. I certainly hope no one got the same thing I did. That’s the only thing I hate about this holiday is worrying whether or not anyone has done the same thing.

Oh well, I’m going to go and clean the rabbit cage and then haul out my scrap-booking stuff and go nuts for a bit with my photos. I like having free time.