Work was interesting today. It’s the after Christmas season and there are a lot of returns and exchanges happening. I’ve had a few, but I’ve expected them, Michelle’s had a few and Catherine has had like, one or two. Patricia on the other hand was at nearly 800 dollars in returns when I left the store today at three. I must say, I got some sort of perverse pleasure from putting one of her returns through. (It all has to go into the computer you see, the transaction number and the employee number of the original sale.)

Anyway, Christmas was good. I got to see most of my family, except the branch that is my cousin Dean-o and his kids. Tami went with the kids to a hotel with a pool rather than Christmas dinner with the family. Can’t say I understand Dean’s Ex wife, but hey, perhaps I was not meant to. I came back home on Christmas day and had a Christmas dinner with John’s mom and family too. I finally got to meet her. And interesting person, she was dressed all in red for the holiday. I have to say though that Christmas has ceased to have any real meaning for me except for the fact that I get to see my family and exchange presents. I’m with Catherine on celebrating the Solstice instead.

Boxing day, John and I decided that we would try and hit up the sale at A&B Sound to try and score an 88 dollar DVD player. So three in the morning sees us crawling out of bed and heading downtown to wait in the freezing cold in a line-up that had already started to see if we could beat the crowd. Five minutes after they opened at 8, we were inside, but there were no DVD players left. Five minutes… So we bought 5 CD’s. Then I went home and struggled with the evil puzzle that John got for me. I finally finished it with his help. It was a neat one because all the pieces were the same shape and the way you had to solve it was by matching words and definitions. It was like three puzzles in one.

John and I went to visit Mark and Am and played scattergories for a bit, and then came home. Now John is playing a chapter of Final Fantasy. I’m going to finish putting my crap away and sorting the laundry then I think I’ll see if he wants to come to bed.

Four days of 2001 left. Does anyone else feel a little relieved?