I have to go to work again tomorrow. I am beginning to hate work. I have to be in with Patricia almost all day. At least Am is coming over after work. That might make working with the snob a little more bearable. I wrote a letter last night that I will probably never send, to Patricia telling her just what I thought of her. John said I was nasty in it. She makes my life not fun when I’m at work and I think it’s important to enjoy work to a certain degree, otherwise you just hate it and waste your time at something that makes you cranky. Not good for one’s mental state let me tell you.

I’ve been playing with my scrap book these last couple of days. In fact I’ve been working on my pictures from the Bad Taste Party that we had when we lived in Nanaimo. It’s great, I’ve cut out all the people in their tacky costumes and put them together with tacky paper and glitter and stickers and it looks grandly ghastly! I miss our theme parties. We all seem to live in separate cities now so parties aren’t that common. I’m not sure theme parties would be all that popular right now. Might try it but I doubt that many of John’s friends would be convinced to dress up in their tackiest clothes and show up in public for nothing. I think I’ll make up invitations and such just for something to do one day and see what happens. Hey Walli, Nomes, Am, are you up to another bout of parading around in all our tacky finery? or how about another anti-valentines? What were some of the others we did? I know ‘Splatt Cat’ were up to no good on more than two occasions, don’t you?