Anyone out there ever have an attack of low self esteem? I had one today at work and I am blaming it largely on Patricia. She treats me like she thinks I was born in a barn and have three heads or some kind of infectious disease that she might get too if she actually attempted to have a conversation with me. On top of that I got a couple of customers who ignored me completely and I know for a fact that it wasn’t because they were deaf. Oh yeah and the bitch that yelled at me because she didn’t like the company’s return policy. This is for her: Kiss my ass, whore! (Sometimes you have the best lines, thanks Gnome!) Anyway, I must be creeping up on that dreaded PMS again (though that would be a bit early, judging from the date of the last attack) because I really felt lower than a snakes belly as the saying goes. (Not to mention I already felt fat because of the woman in the store yesterday who asked me if I was pregnant. What the hell?? I’m only a size nine now and that’s not horrible on a 5’7″ woman is it? NO!) And then I was feeling uncoordinated and klutzy because I bashed my leg on one of the drawers behind the counter and my knee swelled right up. I haven’t done that since high school! So, all in all it’s been a pretty low-grade day. On the plus side though I got to spend a nice evening with John and Mark and Am and I got nice hugs and a foot massage from John. We won’t mention that he never got to the other foot – by then I was afraid that he would tickle me.

Oh heck, tomorrow is New Years Eve. I have a choice to make now too, either go to a club with a whole bunch of horny drunks or stay home with my horny drunk and Am and Mark who are strapped for cash so they can’t go to the club with me and John if we decided to go and to top this run-on sentence i am in no real shape to make a decision of any kind beyond wanting to turn off the tv, and go to bed.