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It’s amazing how a crisis can start things in motion. Mentally I mean. Gnome and her family are going through a major change, and the grief process as well. Everyone in that family is learning how to accept what has happened and is trying to learn what this whole thing means to them and their lives. It’s kind of a warning. Life is so unpredictable and can end at any moment. It makes me believe that now is really the only time we have. We have to do now those things that we want and need to do to make ourselves happy so that when our time does come, we can say that we have been happy and done things that we wanted to do. Does this make any sense to anyone out there? My philosophical ramblings don’t always go where I want them to, I know.

I actually started writing about M today. I think I might even be able to submit something to the workshop about the whole mess this semester. I deal with things by writing about them, and now, by blogging. It helps me to purge those ghosts that tend to haunt people for the rest of their lives. When I turn them into words on a page, they take on a new meaning and a separate life, apart from me. Anyway I was just happy with myself for actually putting things on paper about it all. it has almost been a year since that day. I think I am going to need some extra hugs when Jan 26 rolls around again. (any volunteers? :p)