Well, I’m starting to think that Troy is batting for the other team now. He keeps having these guys come over and stay the night, and sometimes more than one. Not once have I seen or heard of him bring a female home. He mentioned something about a girl and a hotel room and a lot of money once, but that to me means dick all. On top of it all there’s a lot of anti-gay bullshit and sometimes that is an indicator that someone is gay and very uncomfortable with the idea, perhaps due to homophobic bullshit that they’ve heard from friends and family all of their lives. Being a ‘biker’ family, I’d not doubt that. Anyway, these are just suspicions, so don’t take my thoughts as gospel truth. I just wish that people could just accept who they are and could just get the gumption to just DO what they need to do to get their lives in the right direction. Anyone else feel that way?