So. Tired now, but had a relatively good day. Saw my mom between classes and took her out for a birthday lunch. Got my grant cheque from the bitch and had a couple of really cool classes. (Also discovered that I don’t need to buy any new texts for my Poetry theory class.) I have also discovered that my instructor for my drama workshop, which I have currently been hating has gone on some sort of sick leave. That means that I have a new instructor. Probably won’t make me like the class any more, but it ought to make an interesting change.

Damn, now I have to cut my nails. I just broke one and they were just starting to get to a nice length for a change. Yeah I’m still a little pms-y. John’s gone out to have a couple of beer and play a game or two of pool with Mark, but he shan’t be out too long if his back hurts and he has to work early tomorrow. Yes, he hurt his back again. Or I should say that his back was hurt through the carelessness of his co-worker, Chris. Chris the drunken slob who tried to kiss me the last time we went to the bar with him. Yeah, not impressed with that little scene, but hey. What can you do?

Sigh…I wanted to write lots tonight, but I have no energy. I got a headache from the Tiger Balm that I put on John’s back today. It smells so strong that it just went right into my head and lodged behind my eyes and makes my whole face hurt. Yuck. I’m going to browse for a while, perhaps I will update a site or some such.