Well, I had an interesting day. Yeah, we now have a second rat and the two of them live in a rat condo. No Joke. Nicodemus and Basil seem to get along fairly well, though Basil is considerably smaller. He’s mostly white with a strip down his back. Yeah, Basil after Manuel’s “hamster” in Fawlty Towers. Teehee!

I have to work from 3 until 9 tomorrow. Odd isn’t it? Inventory season is upon us and I can already feel the screams welling up in my throat. Did I mention that I hate inventory? Well I do. I also hate about 50% of the people that will be there to help too, which ought to make it all interesting. Pleh. Bonus to that though is that I don’t have to wear the clothes from the store. None of it fits me properly anyway.

John is currently downtown looking for our room mate who is in deep shit with him. Owes him some money, and apparently he owes some four more people money as well. Stupid Troy. It’s just as John said: you give a man enough rope to hang himself and he will. Seems that Troy has done just that. Mind you it’s given us the perfect excuse to kick the man out. It’s just too bad that it involves making John angry. Poor John, well I have hugs all saved up for when he gets home. Mark has apparently found a house for us all to share. Me, Am, Mark and John. I would be lying if I didn’t say I had some reservations about all of us and our respective zoos living in a house together. Imagine, four cats, two rats, a rabbit and four people in a three bedroom house. I suppose it could work, it wold just be a real zoo!! (especially considering that I want to get a guinea pig too. I think Sylvan might enjoy the company)

Well, I think I am going to go and do some homework or something useful. I am still trying to write a radio play for the 22nd. I’m still up shit creek without a paddle. AND I have to write a little half-page thingy on the Bayeux Tapestry and a poem in the style of one of my favourite poets. (which would be entirely easier if I had a favourite!) But I CAN DOOO EEET!!

K. I have to go now. I am entirely too silly right now…