So I had a relatively cool day today, except that I am a bit worried about Nomes. But then Nomes is a strong chickie, she’ll be fine. She got me a comic booook for Christmas pressie and I am currently reading it. It’s my FIRST comic book that isn’t a Garfield. Thank you Nomes.

I went to medieval studies class today and discovered that I was ahead of the times, which never happens. Made me kooky happy. Then I went to the library because I thought I had some time before Walli was off from her class, but she found me there because her class was cancelled, so we went to lunch! I had fish and chips and now I am full. Then I went to her cozy little place and scanned some photos so that I can play with my webpage. Then I came home because it was snowy and I didn’t want to be out in it too long and then Walli ICQ’ed my pictures to me. Yum! And then I lost something so I started to clean our room and I forgot what I was looking for… Ever have that happen to you? Silly isn’t it? Then I started laundry but this other chick in the building decided to hog the driers. So I have two or three undried loads sitting on top of the driers. Poo.

John just came home form a long day at work now and he brought really big cinnamon buns home from Nanaimo. Yummm… I missed him today. I am going to go and spend some quality time with him now. 😉

Maybe my mood should be yummy?