So, my animals were conspiring against me last night so that I got as little sleep as I possibly could.That is not a good thing, considering that I have a lot of shit to do at work today and I have little to zero patience. I had a cat that insisted on pestering the other pets and a rabbit that decided that chewing on the bars of his cage when he has a mineral block for that would be a good idea. That’s a nails-on-chalkboard sound. And it’s not like Rat-chewing-on-plastic is much better, or useless room mate watching stupid movies at all hours. I hate when Troy has the remote, because I start watching something and then he changes the freaking channel. Inconsiderate freak. Plip him, anyway.

Anyway, at work there are six more boxes of merchandise for me to find a place for. The kicker is, it’s all stuff that we already had lots of, we just got the stuff from the Nanaimo who weren’t selling it at all. AND then there’s more of the old stuff coming o Tuesday and then there’s a new grouping coming in and there’s no place to put that either. I think it’s because one of the store’s downtown is closing out that the head office really isn’t paying attention to what’s going on in our poor little stocked to the brim store. I’m just glad we’re not in the store at Tillicum, they have so much stock that they literally can’t unpack it.

Anyway, I have grapes, so I’m not entirely hooped this morning. I still have to go to work though. Waaaah!!