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Yes, folks, this is alive and well despite all our efforts at thwarting it’s existence. Sexism is a frame of mind that many of the male species simply cannot shake. First, before I begin my rant, I believe I will define this strange mindset. Your typical sort that places women lower on the scale of competence, intelligence and stability than men and are often intimidated by a woman who they believe is intruding int areas of society that used to be exclusively male dominated.

My roommate is a sexist. Which I find preposterous considering the fact that he is the one who can barely read and who wastes his life on drugs. (And I’m less intelligent and stable than this guy just because I’m a woman? I never said logic was part of the equation folks.) I admit, as a woman I am not as physically strong as my male counterparts, since I was not built to be the hunter and protector of my pride. I was built to procreate and nurture, which makes me stronger in totally different ways. As for the mental capacity of either sex, I think that is up to genetics and the individual. Gender is not a determining factor.

What I would appreciate from the public is an acceptance of the fact that despite gender we are all perfectly human. I’d like to be treated like an equal. I’m tired of being judged by my gender. I am not incapable of things just because I am a female. It angers me that this mentality is a hand-me-down from our ancestors. Up until the seventeenth century or so(I’ll check my facts later), there were more powerful and revered women. The power of women to be mothers was considered sacred. I’d like to know when we became simply weak vessels good only for the bearing of sons? There’s no mistaking our differences, I just think that they shouldn’t be barriers to our becoming everything that we want to become.