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So, I got this in my Guestbook today from someone called Dogma.

oh……poor little girl. such a cry baby. you have what froid called penis envy. you should be happy to live your life the way your man alows you to. my woman will be at home waiting for me every day, with the hot meal and the love I need. your man soooo got the short end of the stick when he got stuck with you. grow up and be a woman, or if you really want to make it in life have a sex change, just stop your crying. that’s what I truly hate about your sex, the crying all the time. stupid women.

Do you hear me crying? Oh boohoo, some little internet troll doesn’t like what I have to say. I’d really like to know what kind of woman would put up with this kind of bullshit. In fact I am tempted to bring up “womb envy” but I won’t. This is the kind of shit I was talking about earlier. I do not need a penis to be the intellectual superior to any blinkered man who judges others by their physical attributes. As for my man getting the short end of the stick, read his entry yourself. He doesn’t feel that way. I think mutual respect is what’s important. I’m so sorry to see that poor mister Dogma hasn’t got the nads to admit that he might be equal to a woman in any way. Oh yeah, and Dogma? Why don’t you have the balls to leave your email address? Afraid to get a little reply from little ol’ me? That’s it! He’s afraid of women! Ah, the mysteries of the female body and childbirth. There’s another Freudian concept for you Dogma: castration anxiety, do some reading and get some therapy. (oh, and while I’m knocking you down a notch, how about learning to spell?)