I had an interesting caller to my other blog this weekend. I think I’m still peeved about it, but not directly, you know what I mean? I think that what I am peeved about mostly is the whole Troy thing. I mean, the guy is a complete waste of flesh. Much like this Dogma person came off as in my guestbook, at least in his opinion of women. All Troy does all day is sit on his ass and watch TV that he doesn’t even pay for. Or he goes out and spends all his money on drugs and then comes home and thinks up stupid excuses for why he never paid the phone bill or bought food. I am beginning to actually hate him. I don’t trust him with our stuff or our pets or anything. I’m going to have a hard time ever leaving him here alone with our things. Rrr. I think it best that i not speak to him. I’m still mad at him for not giving me the message about the arbitration date with that Ludeman woman. I hate being angry at people usually, but right now I want to see him legless and such and asking for forgiveness. He hasn’t got a conscience. (can’t spell) He’s a slug. Hate hate hate.

On another topic, John read my pms-y blog and he was all reassuring about him wanting to live long enough to be a problem for his kids. I like that so much better than the previous scenario. I have a feeling that it’s the pain in his joints that makes him say scary things like that.

There was something else I wanted to blog about but I can’t think of what it was. I was thinking of it on my way to work this evening. Well, to a meeting for work. It was totally pointless too actually. It was basically reviewing all the things we already knew. I had such a headache the whole time and it made me all mad.