So I’ve discovered that my camera is missing. This weekend the girls and I had a Mary Kay/Clothing swap party thing and then went to the Keg for dinner. I wanted my camera at one point to take pictures and when I looked I couldn’t find it. No big deal right? Sometimes I put things in a ‘safe’ place and then forget where my safe place was. So I decided that I’d just done that. Anyway I come home today and start putting all my clothes away and sorting all my skinny clothes into a wish box when I decide that our room needed to be rearranged since the computer isn’t in it anymore. So everything came out of it’s hiding places, the pets all got cleaned and all the garbage got taken out but… you guessed it. No camera.

I’m pissed off. It had film in it still. Rrrr. I can’t think of any other place that I might have had it either. If I find out Troy’s imaginary friend took that too I’ll be livid. Perhaps it’d be a bad idea for me to talk to Troy at all when he comes back for the last of his stuff. (Yeah, he’s gone gone gone!!)

Growlies aside, I did have a pretty good time this weekend. I enjoyed my steak at the Keg and the Strawberries and Whip Cream that we had for dessert, and the clothing swap where I scored a few nice things. (And all the leftovers) The Mary Kay thing was interesting though. It’s a female ritual that I have no ties to. I felt particularly alienated at that point. I don’t know, I just don’t seem to care enough about what I look like to apply five to six different things to my skin every day. (read, 2 cleansers, moisturizer, foundation and then the make up on top of that….how the hell do people put all that on and not feel fake?) I like being clean and nice smelling and perhaps soft, but that’s about it. Besides, I have to be so close to the mirror to even see my face that it’s almost impossible to put any makeup on anyway. In fact, it’s downright comic watching me I’ve heard.

Sunday, we (the Munchkin Queen and I), went to visit Walli and we did some crafts together to send to Lady Sarah Buttercup. Walli scanned them so they’ll probably show up on the JinglePot page soon. Have a look eh? We’re some nuts when we’ve beeneating jellybeans!