James Bond. I liiike! We watched ‘You only live twice’ last night! So good. I like Sean Connery! I’ve decided that James Bond is the best. Well, that kind of goes without saying, no? Yes, cheesy in parts, but it’s James BOND!

We’ve currently got six cats. Why? you ask. Well, we’re babysitting a friends cat who has four kittens since they’re not really supposed to have a cat in their new place. We might end up keeping on of the kittens, depending on how Cinder reacts. Speaking of whom, I think I should go and spend some time with her so she’s not all bent out of shape. Poor Cinder.

So here you are Walli, an update in my blog. I’m trying to think of other stuff to write abut, but there’s only essays and silly overreacting medieval men who castrate their niece’s husbands for sleeping with her! I can’t get my head around that one. Sorry folks! Oh yeah, and poetry assignments that are pretty complicated so that my brain does moronic things. Sigh….