One of the few universals that seems to transcend not only race and creed, but species barriers(at least in the Mammalian sector. One could argue about certain birds and amphibians). There are four kittens currently attacking my left foot. Mom’s got her eyes and ears on all of them. Good motherhood, even in a creature like a cat comes down to feeding, cleaning and teaching the young how to live in the world around them. That is, giving them the tools they need to be successful. It’s so basic. As basic as loving someone else. The best element to Motherhood is the unconditional affection that the mother has for her young. I think it’s sad that I see that less and less as human children get older. In order to be loved they have to start getting A’s in school, to be a perfect ten and excel in every sport that their parents sign them up for. To have the best smile or be liked and admired by everyone. Sorry to tell you parents, your kid may not be a size five and may not be an A student. Here’s the kicker, they’re still your kids and you gotta love them, because, if nothing else, they’re the ones that are going to pick out your retirement home! They don’t forget the little things, like the hard boiled egg in their chicken noodle soup, or the constant comments about losing weight or doing better in school than they are. A little love goes a long way folks, so stop farting around and put your back into it!