So I discovered that Geocities removed my old website from the realms of existence. I suppose that in a way that’s a good things since I couldn’t remember what the password was. Judging from the era that was from it was probably the title of a Star Trek Episode, but Ill be damned if I can remember all that now!!

John’s all pissy because the other comp has had a major brain fart and now he’s havng trouble reformatting the HD. I think he thinks he got a virus. Damn bugs anyway. I’m just glad that mins still functions enough for me to play online, which I have been doing for the past two hours. Check out my links at My Experiment. Oh yeah and a few updated things on Moonhaven. One day I will have it all perfect!! One day. I’m in no hury mind. That would take away from my pride in it.

So, I’m pleased with myself because I’m pretty sure that I actually wrote a half-decent Sonnet today for my poetry theory class. It’s tougher than it sounds. But not as tough as my next project. A Vilanelle. Villanelle? not sure how to spell it at this moment and am not about to get off my ass and find the dictionary to look. There are too many little furballs scampering around on the floor for me to risk that anyway. My point is that this form is pretty hard to pull off well. Dylan Thomas didn’t even manage it. Well, Do Not Go Gently is hardly a bad poem, it’s just that the form wasn’t utilized to it’s full potential. If he didn’t do it, then I haven’t got a chance in hell!

Anyway, it’s getting late and my eyeballs are drying out so I may as well get to bed. (John too, he has to get up earlier than I do! G’night folks!