SO the kittens are sleeping and are under the hide-a-bed so I can’t see them. rrmph. poop. They’re so cute though! Chantal and baby David have been here most of the day, and I’ve rediscovered that babies are very cute. But a lot of work. John’s also quite funny around babies. 😉

Today is our six month anniversary. We were going to go out tonight, but it seems that John doesn’t get paid until tomorrow. I work until 9:30 tomorrow and we won’t be able to go out for dinner that late! Poop. So he says Saturday, and I work ’til 3. That’s ok, but I also think I’ve got a study group of sorts that day. I wish that when we made plans that we could keep them. Maybe we can go for a walk or something tonight after we have food here with our guests.

It’s funny how extra people change how you move around in your own house. *sigh*