You know that sentiment about all people being equal? It really didn’t mean anything much to me until the other day. I mean for the longest time I considered my family to be a separate class than other people I knew. Kind of snotty I know, but that was how I was raised. It hit me on my way to work this morning that we really have no distinctions, ‘class’ means nothing when the integrity of the person is compromised by their habits or their actions. For example, Peggy, M’s mom, pretends to belong to the upper-middle class. But she’s no better than the average trailer wife because she’s just as pickled. You see what I mean? Then there are those who are born from what might be considered the ‘rabble’ by so-called upper-class snobs who have better moral standards from those who are considered somehow ‘better’ than they are merely because of their income bracket. this might seem like elementary math to you, and I took the notion for granted, but there it is. We are equal not in ways of creed, colour and gender, but in so-called ‘class’ as well. Here’s a big DUH, for me tonight.