Aaargh. This whole communication error thing is starting to pis me off. I mean, what the hell? How is my telling John something to get feedback and advice on any different than Amber telling Mark what I told her about Martin? When you’ve got shit on your mind you’re going to turn to the person who is closest to you when you’re worrying about it. It’s just too bad that John and Mark happen to be pretty good friends. And it’s also too bad that it just happened to be “Mr Dick” that was involved as well. I apologize for opening my big mouth. Perhaps I should just keep my big fat mouth shut about everything from now on eh?

Yes I’m peeved. I hate being caught in crossfire between two people who happen to be important to me. It’s turning into a stupid little war and I hate it. I hate that they insist on pushing each others buttons. I can’t take sides, ok? Christ. I’m going back to bed.