you know what? I’m actually afraid to call her. Why? I don’t want what she said in her letter to me to be true. That last bit anyway. I hope we can work it all out. I never did anything with the intention of breaking them up, I think they’re great together and I hope that they make each other happy. I was just worried that the whole thing might blow up bigger and worse later on. I guess that I misjudged. I’m sorry that I broke confidence. I’m also sorry that John did so, merely for this result. I’d hate to think that all of this fell apart because of what I did. I should have realised that John wold be looking out for his best friend first and foremost and damn the consequences. I can’t blame him though, I’d do the same if I were in his position and Mark in Ambers. Anyway, I hope that they do come over tonight, or we get together somehow to sort all of this out. I don’t think that it’s big enough to destroy two friendships. It can’t be. Not after so many years.