I remember now what I wanted to write about. It’s Fear. The governing force of all human prejudices. Think about it. White people enslaved black people for centuries for what reason? They were different. It frightened the Europeans that a person’s skin could be such a radically different colour. Slavery, Crusades and the Inquisition all fall into the category of fear-induced hysteria. Oh my god, she has a black cat it must be a familiar, burn her. Oh my god that person has different colour skin, subdue him and make him into a slave so that he doesn’t hurt us. It is a stupid stupid thing and human beings are still ruled by this, the fear of the unknown. This is where sexism, racism and religion-linked prejudices come from. I beg all of you people to stop drawing lines and refusing to step over them because something frightens you. I am not a christian, but I am doing my best right now to understand what it is that lures people into its embrace. My conclusion so far is that it is the fear of death, or what happens after death that leads people to any faith. The fact that Christianity in all it’s forms is an organized religion just makes it easier for people to follow it. And for all those Christian anti-Semitic people out there, Yes, Jesus was a Jew. The beginning of your faith was born in theirs. Same for you Islamic people who are anti Christian, and for those Christians who are anti-Islamic. All your roots are the same. Act like it. For those who think black people are less than white people or the other way around, we all bleed red, and we all have common ancestors. I’m not out to prove Adam and Eve, or the theory of Australopithecus, but you have to think about our history. All that migrating and conquering and assimilating – no one on this planet is “pure-blood” anything.

I think it is a sad thing that this world, despite all it’s fabulous advancements and it’s struggle for enlightenment and tolerance, that it is still ruled by the most primal of things, fear.