Thursday Thumb Twiddler

1. When someone complements you, do you usually accept it, or suggest that you don’t really deserve it? I used to not be able to take compliments at all. I’m getting better, but if it comes from someone I regard as better than myself at something that I’m being complimented on (ie poetry, not that that’s happened yet), I get a little tongue tied.

2. Would you rather be overdressed for a social occasion (a party, let’s say), or underdressed? Overdressed, because then I’d look alright. If I was underdressed, I’d be fiddling with my hair and shit all night.

3. A cop pulls you over, and is going to write you a $100 speeding ticket. If he indicated that if you slipped him $50 in cash, he’d give you a pass, would you do so? Would it make any difference whether you’d actually been speeding or not? Since when do I ever have a fifty in my purse? LOL. If I hadnt’ been speeding, and this was his way of making a little cash ontheside, I’d let him write the ticket and take the whole incident up with this superiors.