Weekly Wrap-Up #45 -Beauty

1. What is your definition of “beauty”? Has this changed over time? Confidence in self, grace, I think that the surface beauty that our media is hooked on is superficial.

2. Who (famous or not famous) do you think is beautiful? Why? Even though I think that its shallow to judge people by how they look, I do think that Natalie Portman is pretty, and Audrey Hepburn.

3. Is it possible to be both beautiful and ugly? How? Yes.

4. Why does society place so much emphasis on beauty? Will this ever change? Why or why not? Body Image sells. We are essentially a capitalist society. I don’t think that this will change for a long time. Not until comsumers get bored with the ‘look’ or something else comes along to replace our obsession.

5. How does beauty vary from culture to culture? Is there a particular culture’s definition of beauty that you admire? Why? I like the fact that the Hawaiian notion of beauty had to do with largeness. That in one african region, it’s the men that put themselves on display. I just like that notions are different all over the world. No matter what shape you are, somewhere, you’re beautiful.