So today, I discovered that we only have one more workshop class left for poetry. It’s amazing that there is so little time left. Wow. I had better get my ass in gear and finish up my portfolios. I’m just glad that I don’t have any more essays to write. Just two portfolios, my journal for 310 and a take-home exam, and a single formal exam.

Work is going all right. Seems that someone is going to have to go downtown again. I have a feeling that I’m going to be first up for the question. Know what I am going to say? BITE ME. Yes, that’s it. I mean, I put up with enough shit as it is, I don’t need to deal with a badly designed store and an oppressive mall as well. Bah. I want a new job.

Been listening to the CNN broadcasts all day. Well, John has, and as a result, I have as well. Perturbed. Part of me is upset with the Americans for being such arrogant bastards, and the other part of me is kind of glad that someone is finally doing something about Saddam. (You know what is stupid? Technically, since I live in North America, I am an American too, and yet I wear the name ‘Canadian’ with far more pride…) Bah.

I am going to a wedding this weekend. A guy who I’ve known since we were both about 5. That in itself is not so bad. Thing is, I’ve been seated with my old high school crush. Aaargh!!

I hurt my pinkie today, on the bus when the driver slammed on his brakes. You never know how much you use it until you bash it. It’s already bluish…sigh…