Thursday Thumb Twiddler yes… it’s late, so what?

1. You’ve been given $1 million to give anonymously to either charity or to a stranger. What would you do? Give it to my local humane society for helping my kitty.

2. If the owner of a local gas station were caught dumping fifty gallons of used motor oil into the local storm sewer, what do you think the penalty should be? What if it were your neighbour dumping a single gallon? pour them down the sewer… no it would have to be a hefty dollar fine, since that’s the way people learn not to do stupid things. And then make them help out cleaning off oiled up seabirds or something so that they can learn the ramifications of what they do, not just out of sight out of mind.

3. Over the course of your life, what have you probably spent more time pondering than anything else? Who is my biological mother? What is she like etc… I was obsessed as a teen, now I have small moments now and then.