Two for Tuesday

1. Growing up were you on a curfew? Was it reasonable? Did you make curfew? Yes. I had curfew. It was 1am. I only had a curfew set when I was in high school, because that was the first time I was really interested in hanging out with boys, and of course, there were to be no sleepovers. I usually made curfew. Sometimes I didn’t and there was a row. I think it was reasonable now, but looking back, with all the people who really didn’t seem to have one, or just didn’t care, it was a little hard. Partly also, it was because mom would not sleep until I got home, and she was a real cranky pants the next day, I tell you.

2. You will apply a curfew to your children? What time? Most like, no later than my own, perhaps even midnight. When they’re younger, it will be earlier. They’ll have to earn my trust. With cell phones available now tho, I’d insist that they have one in case of an emergency.