Feeling a little better today. I think that might have something to do with the fact that I have a day off..in fact, TWO days off. That is a nice thing, isn’t it? Have decided that The Humane Society, thought the place I want to take said cat, is going to be too much of a pain. It will be an hour+ bus ride, which will no doubt stress poor kitty right out, compared to a twenty minute walk to Creatures Pet Store. (which stinks like bleach, yadda yadda) But both places promise that she will be fixed and have her shots. Still not pleased with this choice totally, but she does have to find a new home, since the others are being really wicked to her.

Today is a cleaning day. This house is a mess from the last couple of weeks when I was slaving on my finals and did nothing but slave on my finals. (And do pet litter. That I can’t not do) I am even going to do some more laundry. (I hate pay machines, they make doing laundry that much more annoying)

Anyway, I think that I might even do some organizing of papers. That is a major undertaking in case you didn’t know. I have all of this writing material leftover from two semesters of work, and I have to find a place to organize and store it so that it’s still accessible. I have no more file boxes, and I never did go down and get that box of binders for 10 bucks. (I hope they are open tomorrow) Can you imagine? A hole box of binders for 10 bucks.

I may be a freak for this, but it’s true, I have a thing for paper products that goes beyond my love of books. Lindsie knows that I love the smell of printers ink as much as she does. I think she might be someone else who understands how much of a temple places like Staples can be. All those paper products. Pens, envelopes, paper, notebooks, file boxes, calendars, duo tangs, stickers, you name it. So a box full of binders for ten bucks is like… treasure! *rubs hands together*.