So we had a visitor at 6:30 this morning. A little blue calico cat, yowling outside on the fence. The Seagulls were having a heydey dive-bombing her, so I brought her in for a half-hour. ‘Course, my cats are totally bent about this new smell, but it looks like the upstairs neighbour has decided that he likes her enough to keep her. Strange how that works. I am pretty sure that said cat belongs to someone, it’s not like she’s all boney and weepy-eyed with neglect. Now, if only I could find a way to get Clio to the Humane Society, so that she didn’t have to go to Creatures. (And no, I didn’t tell John about our visitor, because he was actually sleeping. He’s been such an insomniac lately.)

John was such a nice patron on Asheron’s yesterday. He bought me a Cottage. Now my toons have a place to live and to store all their crap. Yes, five female characters can hoard a lot of things even in game. I mean, my archer has three dresses, as well as a mage robe and her armour, and my axer is currently on a quest for feathers from a certain bird to make herself another dress. So thank you John, I appreciate it! now lets see if we can’t find you a Villa!!

Kinda worried about Nomes this week. She called the day before yesterday in a panic about her essays. Procrastination got the better of her, or perhaps it was escapism, I dunno. I just want her to be happy, and she doesn’t seem to be there, and I don’t think it has anything to do with the physical place she’s in. Sigh, I wish i could help more, but I’m not sure how exactly. So for now: You can do it Nomes, I have faith in you and your brain!!

Wrote emails to Glyn and Dan and Shannon last night. I have no idea how I am going to get this Saturday off, but Glyn and Erin and others (perhaps) are going to be on the town for Erin’s birthday Friday night. I hope I can figure something out. I don’t particularly want to be bagged on Saturday at work, but I also need a little bit of a night out, you know? And I hope Dan sends me the writing he was saying he was going to send me when we were at the wedding. (That might have been wine talking, too though). And Shannon, well, she’s off to China. China! Whew. Now, remind me to call Heidi tonight, to see if she wants to come down Friday too… that might be interesting.\

Gah, now I have to go back to work. (But at least the iguana is actually out and on his branch today. I was worried about my little dragon this last week…) Until later!