So work was looong today. It usually is when I am on late. Seems that tomorrow I get to re-merchandise the whole flippin’ store. We got some new stock today, and as a result, the whole thing has to get rearranged so that all the colours flow and the new stuff is in the window. What I want to know is who in hell names the collections. Our new one is called Fiesta Wear, and it’s this godawful orange and pink combo plaid shirt with pedal pushers and pants in dark moss green and a taupe-y colour. It’s pretty blah actually, not really party-inducing as the name might suggest. Looks more like avocados and something one might puke up after a party. Maybe that’s where the name came from. Oh yeah, and another one is called Crochet Ole! just like that with the exclamation point. Neither of those are even available on the website yet, so I can’t even show you. You’re not missing out on it, really.

I have decided though, that when I get telemarketers on my phone again, that I am going to try and sell them clothes just to piss them off. =)

There, done venting.