So today, we decided to pick up the makings of a new Iguana cage. Hermes is now the proud cause of a twisted ankle, slivers and one hell of a huge Iguana house.

It started like this: John and I decided to take advantage of the sunny day, and went out for a walk. We stopped at the pet store and bought an iguana harness. We’ve yet to try and get the thing on the Iguana, but I think that once it’s on, we can start getting accustomed to each other, at least more so than we have been. We want to be able to handle the beast before he gets to be his full size, which is apparently about 6-7 feet long. All I have to say at this point is Damn Pat for abusing the little sucker and no, we are not taking any more of his pets unless its as a temporary holdover so he at least doesn’t kill it. (That’s why we have the Iguana, he threatened to kill it so that he could make room for a snake. And no, I don’t want a snake) Anyway, we made it out to the hardware store and started poking around and we realised that we had enough money to get all the makings of this new house. Of course, getting all these makings home without a car is the fun part. (Especially after I’ve done something to each of my knees this past two weeks.) I get the bag with the saw and the nails and the hinges and the whatever else, and the piece of plywood for the bottom, and John gets the 8, 8-foot pieces of wood and the bundle of wire. Now, the heaviest thing I’ve carried any distance in the last year has consisted either of the original Iguana cage int he form of an aquarium tank, or an overfull basket of laundry (or the equivalent of, at work). Not only was this piece of wood heavy, it was unwieldy, and it was damn windy yesterday. So here I am skating around as the wind pushes me with this piece of wood that’s three feet wide and four tall, in sandals. And then John with the wood balanced on one shoulder and the wire on another looking like some kind of strong man. One might think that the whole scenario was designed to make me look funny. Anyway, some hammering and some more swearing on the part of John has yet to come before this monster is ready for our little green buddy. He’d better freakin’ appreciate it.