So I have discovered that we need a UV light for our little lizard friend. It turns out that the light that we have doesn’t produce enough UV for him, which is why he has lethargic days. Sigh. Forking out more $ for the pets. He looks happy tho, which is wonderful.

I’m wondering if I should go to the doctor. I was re reading what I said in my last post about feeling lethargic and tired so quick in the day. I seem to recall similar feelings when I was still in high school. If I remember rightly, that was a case of mono given me by a boyfriend who was a carrier, and never got sick from it. Bastard. Being that I’ve been stressed out and such lately, it would not be difficult to believe that I was subject to a recurrence of said stupid thing. This means that I have to get into that lovely herbal crap I had to take before, since there really isn’t a ‘cure’. Either that or, with the mood swings taken into consideration, it’s something else. I think I’ll try the herb thing for a bit, and see how that affects me.

Remind me: look in my planner for the things I wrote down to do, that I haven’t yet. I seem to be forgetting to even look where I write all that shit down lately. I’m almost useless!! Well, lets see how I survive at work today. (At least I don’t have to open tomorrow) Anyway, I have to get my ass in gear and get ready for work. One down, six days to go. I mean, WTF????? does the woman not know how to do a schedule? Sheeesh!! Seven freakin’ days in a row. It ought to be illegal. (It is if it’s in the same sunday to saturday slot, which this isn’t… like it makes a freakin’ difference…)