Movie Mania

We saw X men 2 last night. We had a toss up over which movie we should see, since both were in the theatres at the same time. Turns out that we are going to go see the Matrix, Reloaded perhaps this weekend. On the way home I asked John what kind of mutant superpower he would like to have, and he said that he’d like to have power over metal, like Magneto. I still think I’d like to be a shape shifter. Not like Mystique mind, who can merely change into other people, more like Odo on DS9. Either way, I had two lovely days of sleeping in, and now I feel somewhat refreshed for another three days in a row of work. Then one day off, then five days in a row. I can hand;e five days, but I think that’s the max, as demonstrated by this last seven day stint.

You want me to what?

Got a call last night, when we got home from the movies, and it turns out that, due to some horrible planning on Deb’s part, I have to be in the fashion show today. It’s not that I have any problem with that on one level, it’s the fact that my day has been disrupted and that I wasn’t asked if I would do this, I was told. I like to know what it is that I am in for beforehand, and this screws me up. I mean it’s not going to kill me, but I think I’d have liked to have more time to prepare for a public appearance like that. Perhaps this is one of my weaknesses… Besides, who likes being told that they have to do something that they would never really volunteer for? I think that’s what irks me more than the actual fashion show thing.