I found the premise of this novel quite fascinating. It takes place in a place called Samaria which, (we discover through certain clues in the story, and the teaser at the front) is a human settlement on another world. Of course these people have forgotten their extra-planetary roots. On this world, there are creatures known as angels, who are supposed to be the messengers of their God, Jovah (Which is really a spaceship). The angels are meant to sing to the god to make things happen, like rain and falls of Manna in times of need, and to let the god know that everything on the planet is peaceful. If they fail to sing at the Gloria, which happens on a regular basis, then it is prophesied that the god would destroy them all.

This story starts with the impending succession of a new archangel, Gabriel. Thing is, he’s supposed to marry a woman that was chosen for him at birth, and she, being a former slave, has no urge to be anyone’s wife.

I really liked the interaction between all of the characters in the book. There weren’t any useless characters or fringe catalysts, as in ‘deus ex machina’ which I always find distressing. They all had their own motives and the will to pursue them. I read this one in about six sittings. It would have been less if I hadn’t been interrupted by work and medieval studies. *smiles*

edit I’ve now read the two sequels, Jovah’s Angel, and The Alleluiah Files… My fear of sequels has not been justified with this marvellous fantasy series.