So I thought I would blog before I dove into something fairly mindless like a book or AC, because there’s quite a bit on the plate right now.

Am thinking about the shoes that are to go with the dress for the wedding. I don’t have the shoes. I wanted to match everyone else, but it seems that due to lack of sizes in good old Payless Shoe Source, I will be forced to go with something different. Not that I have any money at the moment anyway, but you know, it’s good to think about these things. Was also worried about the state of Amber’s wedding dress because last I had heard all the lace and beads had come off when it had been taken to the dry cleaners.

But I learned last night that my mom had come to the rescue. She rocks, have I ever mentioned that? I have nothing but respect for her, now. I mean when I was a rebellious teenager type, I hated her guts because she was the one that made the rules, but now I’m glad that she did. Now I can see the amount of work that she’s put into her self and how far she’s come from where she was when she was my age. I think I can honestly say that I have learned from her. Of course I’ve made some large doozey mistakes in my life despite that, but I think I’ve come to believe that they were necessary mistakes for me to make. I mean, you never really learn unless you do, do you? Like those awful people who try to tell parents how to raise kids when they don’t have kids themselves. They haven’t’ learned, they function on theory. (In theory, we’d all like to believe that we know what people are like when we meet them, by how they represent themselves. I think if I’d paid more attention to my gut reaction the first time, I might have avoided certain things, no?)

I learned a new word today: opiniasterous. It’s another word for opinionated. That up there was me expounding my opinion. Lol.

Work today sucked, but at least it went fast. I decided on my way to work that since I only get paid minimum wage, I’d only do a minimum wage amount of work. And since Deb wants my numbers up, I’ll be danged if I am going to do any of the other crap I’ve been doing. We’ll see how long it takes her to notice how much is not getting done. She can’t fire me for doing what she asked me to, can she? Oh, and you want to know what Catherine said when Mar brought up the issue of unfair pay? ‘oh we’re not supposed to talk about what we make. it’s no one’s business but yours how much you make. I’d fire someone for talking about how much they make.’ my response:

Bite Me.

I hate that someone who just started, who does not even need to work, gets paid more than me, who has been there 3 years, and more than Mar, who’s been there 5 years. What does that say about how the company values their employees? Bah. ’nuff ranting.

I haven’t been writing much lately, in anything, on anything, aout anything, in any form. I must rectify this situation, or I am not going to have any material for classes this coming semester. that would suck. I want a week off with no distractions. Or I guess I should just get my ass in gear and learn how to not be distracted. Lol.

K. I think I’ve vented enough for this post. Perhaps I shall do so again, later.