Warning: Rant ahead.

I hate money. Actually I hate the lack of it. I hate being poor. I hate the fact that every penny I make these days is getting sucked into bills. I don’t think I’ve even bought myself a new pair of underwear in about a year. I was looking forward to new summer clothes, at least a shirt, and no. Nothing. Damn this starving student shit. We were supposed to get caught up this summer. That and John has been so blue over his work situation, because there is simply nothing really here. (He’s worked for the last few days, yes, but moving is so seasonal) Damn you Lance for being such a prick to J. How can you live with yourself when you’ve screwed up someone else’s livlihood by bad-mouthing him? You made a complete ass of yourself you know. I hope you like that. In fact I hope you burn in the deepest pits of the seventh hell. He is so not a drunk either you stupid people at Southside. He can’t even drink beer because of his meds. Ignorant sons of bitches, all of you. I can’t beleive you listened to that stupid meathead Lance and his stories. Just because John didn’t want to be treated like second fiddle anymore you get all pissy. Grow up and deal. Motherfuckers. I tell you Lance, if I see your face anywhere near me I will have a damn hard time not kicking you in your dirty and undoubtedly minuscule package. It must be miniscule if you felt the need to try and ruin someone else just because you didn’t get your way. How infantile can you get? *shuts her mouth before more insults can fly out*

There I ranted. I’ve had that bottled for so long now I thought I’d let it out. *takes deep breath* Oh, and if anyone wants to point a finger at me for slander, go ahead. I’ll show you some fucking slander.