So feeling better now after stuffing our faces with strangely condiment-ed hamburgers.

I went to the library today and got lots of poetry books. I was feeling like I’d dried up with my writing so I thought that reading someone else’s creative results might get me going again. I have some P.K.Page, some Al Purdy, some Sheri-D Wilson, some people I’ve never heard of, and Marge Piercy. Now I have adored Marge’s novels in the past, but now that I have the poetry to hand too, I’m rather excited. However, since my brain is still in its gelatinous form on the carpet here, i think i will be digesting some of the poetry I’ve read today for a little while before I start to write again.

Crap. I have this urge to just sit here and typ madly for hours, but there is so little in my brain it;s depressing. All I can think about is how many days before I start at Tabi. It’s still not my kind of clothing, but better than the Tan Jay. Oh yeah, and also how little $$$ we have to stretch over everything. I should stop bitching. I really shoyuld, but it’s taken up a huge portion of my brain for so long that there’s not much else in there. John is working, but it’s a job he hates. =(

my word for the month: FUCK.