Saturday Scruples Since I haven’t done one of these for a while I thought I’d go overboard. (So sue me.)

You’re on a committee to award a $100,000 prize. On e of the two front runners is a former childhood friend whose career has eclipsed yours. Do you steer the prize to the other candidate? Not neccessarily. If said former childhood friend has become successful, then kudos to them. The award however would go to the one who best deserved it, regardless of who it was.

Your marriage is under strain. A friend recommends an illegal drug that expands your love, understanding and sensuality. Do you try it? Probably not. I don’t think that drugs will help anything in the end anyway, so I’d want to try things like counselling (shivers) and such to figure out what’s causing the strain. Said drug is designed to mask the symptoms, not alleviate the cause

A friend gets drunk and confides that a month ago he injured a cyclist and didn’t stop. Do you report your friend? No, I’d encourage said friend to do the right thing and fess up – when they’re sober because the person they hit might really appreciate acknowledgement and help.

Angry neighbours are beating up a man they caught sexually assaulting a girl. Do you try to stop them? As awful as this sounds, no. Even if the guy can’t help his feelings towards little girls, that’s no excuse for stealing said little girls innocence and giving her nightmares and a complex for the rest of her life.

Your current sweetheart confesses that s/he financed college by working as a prostitute. Do you end the relationship? Nope.

Your 12-year-old son asks you to rent a PLAYBOY video for him. Do you? No. The kid’s twelve, I mean come on. What does a twelve year old know about relationships? I think that’s important to learn about before they start watching videos like that. I don’t want my son learning that it’s ok to objectify women.

“That was good for me. Was it good for you too?” Well it wasn’t. Do you say so? Well, I wouldn’t have faked it to begin with. If the guy had to ask then it obviously wasn’t as good for me. I’d probably say something like ‘next time, maybe if you do such and such…’

You lose a gold watch and are reimbursed by the insurance company. A month later you find the watch. Do you return the money? Meh. I know I’m awful, but probably not. besides, I don’t think I’d ever even own a gold watch because I would lose it, repeatedly.

You recognize your favourite movie star having a quiet coffee at a deli. She is incognito to avoid being bothered. Do you approach her? No. Everyone is entitled to a quiet moment here and there, especially if it’s someone who’s in the public eye all the time. I’d smile at her as I passed and that’s it. Depending on the actress, the temptation might be there, but I think I’d like to let her be a normal person for a while.